Lesson #2 from the garden…

Lesson #2 from the garden…

I have a beautiful Milkweed vine growing along my back fence, curling its way around a piece of string i put up as an experiment with the kids to see if this noxious weed could be enticed away from my veggie garden and along the back fence as a garland type of decoration. Sure enough, it has been very obedient!

Not only has it grown its way around the string, but it has grown fast. It has reached about six metres along in a matter of a few months. All I have done to encourage its growth, is every week go out and carefully direct the new little shoots in the right direction, curling the tendrils around the string. It bears flowers and fruit (although indelible) and I think it is very beautiful! But it is going to get to the point pretty soon, that it has run out of my fence line and then we will have to figure out a way to stop it spreading to my neighbours fence.

Vines are unstoppable!

Jesus says,

“I am a true sprouting vine, and the farmer who tends the vine is my Father.”

Jn. 15:1

He then goes on to say that we are like the branches that are connected to Him, the vine. This passage also lovingly reminds us that our Father God is the compassionate gardener of our hearts who “props us up” when we need it, but also prunes and tends to us when we are growing in the wrong direction or not bearing fruit.

I love that Jesus chose to liken himself to a vine. Out of all plants and trees, he chose a vine. My thinking on this (from my very limited experience as a vine gardener) is that He chose the vine because it is literally unstoppable. It is STRONG and it bears beautiful fruit. It multiplies and provides shade and shelter when directed in the right place. Vines seem to have infinite number of branches going in all directions but somehow moving together as one.

We, the church, are those branches connected to Jesus the Vine. He alone is our sustenance and very purpose of being. Our Father God is the gardener, and when He prunes us , it is not only for our own good but the overarching good of the whole vine. What is happening on one branch, affects every other branch. Sometimes things in our life get cut off. Sometimes we get redirected when we get wrapped around the wrong things. Sometimes we just need to be propped up when our soul is weary.

Whatever season you find yourself in, allow the gentle gardener of your heart to come in and tend to you today.