Our Priorities

Our Priorities

Our priorities are important in determining what Church Community looks like in action. We value:

1. Simple Devotion to Christ
Life and faith are simple. Complexity, self effort and striving are not the way of the Kingdom of God. Simple devotion to Christ is reflected in our desire to be pleasing to God and walk in friendship with Him. It is honouring God in our everyday family, community, work, leisure, creativity and rest. Simple devotion is about upholding Christ’s priorities – loving God, loving people and loving life.

2. Thanksgiving
Life is amazing! We see the fingerprint of God over all creation from the farthest nebular in space to the fragility and beauty of a newborn baby. God made it all – a system of relationships grounded in Him and flowing out to others. Life works when we recognise God as the divine author and creator of Life. He needs nothing from us and there is nothing we can do for Him except to acknowledge, honour and give Him thanks. When we acknowledge God as the one who has given us ‘breath’ and who has changed us through Jesus, He blesses us and makes our lives fruitful.

3. Faith, Hope, Love
Jesus calls us to enter into a journey with Him; to trust Him, hope in Him and be loved by Him. This is an exciting journey which transforms the way we see ourselves and others. Our greatest service is to outwork our faith and trust in God through love for others. God’s priority for us now is faith, hope and love and these will continue into eternity.

4. Grace
Grace is God’s help which leads us to a place of personal wholeness and integrity. We are made right with God not because we have earned it or deserve it, but because of Jesus. No one is exempt from the saving power and grace of God. We cannot please God with our efforts. Grace allows us to serve God simply because we love Him.

5. Church – A Multigenerational Community
We believe the Church is built on a revelation of who Jesus is. It is the community of God knit together by the Holy Spirit; a place to belong and grow. Church is a place where we worship, connect, laugh, and dream. It is the vehicle of God to bring hope and change to a world separated from Him. We believe the Church is both young and old; a community and family where all have a purpose and role to play. Church community is what builds people and makes them rich in faith, hope and love.

6. Word & Spirit
The Bible says we are all ministers of the Spirit (2Co 3:6). God has given the Church His Word and His Holy Spirit. He renews and builds our lives through revelation. The Bible is God’s Word knit together by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and is the disclosure of His nature, will and purpose for all people. The Word connects us, corrects us, teaches us, helps us, comforts us and lights our path. God uses the Word to equip His people for all things. Scripture points us to Jesus as savior and brings wisdom, hope and new life for those who apply it to their lives. The Holy Spirit is a person and teaches us everything in keeping with the Word. He causes growth and distributes spiritual gifts to the Church to serve one another, reach the community and build up faith, hope and love.

7. Prayer
We seek God, we wait on Him, we believe, God listens; He acts according to His will. God is sovereign and calls us to seek him through prayer. God is looking for those whose hearts are fully committed to Him. Prayer works.

8. A Culture of Generosity
Generosity is an expression of the nature of God. We can be generous because He has been generous to us! Our lives express generosity best in community as we give time, support, money, help and hospitality. The Church is a community whose identity is founded and expressed through generosity.

9. Developing Others
We are committed to see people discover and use their God-given potential; helping them discover both their natural and spiritual gifts, and supporting them as they move forward into the wonderful future God has for them. The church is called to equip, develop and release people for the sake of reaching and serving others.

10. Evangelism & Community Engagement
We believe people are seeking a spiritual experience; a desire to be more complete and fulfilled in their lives. God is at work in the world by the Holy Spirit drawing people to Himself. We don’t need to ‘have our stuff together’ to come to God. Change occurs through His gentle work not our striving. As a church we believe in sharing the good news about God’s love for people and demonstrating this in practical ways within the community. The Church is a place of openness, acceptance and a place to ‘get right’ with God.

For more information on our priorities please contact Ps’ Jason and Tara on:

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