Our Values & Priorities

Our Values & Priorities:

Our values and priorities are important in determining what Church Community and culture looks like in action.

We value:

Grace: we want to be a community that is actively transformed by God’s enabling grace, and a community that allows grace to flow to others

Reaching People: we value all people as they are created in the image of God. We believe the good news about Jesus brings new life to all who choose to receive it

Advancing People: every person has a God-given purpose, gift and ability. We value developing the whole person – body, soul and spirit – so they can live well and whole through Christ

Community of Faith: we value every person as vital part of the Community of Faith in Jesus. Young or mature, every person is part of God’s family and has something to contribute to the Body of Christ and the broader community

Encountering Christ: we value making room for Jesus through experiencing the presence, fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Our gatherings are about encountering God, and being strengthened and encouraged to live for Him

Simple Devotion to Christ: we value a simple devotion to Christ lived out daily as we engage with family, work, community and Church. Faith in Jesus does not need to be complicated but is simple and leads to freedom

For more information on our priorities please contact Ps’ Jason and Tara on:

  • Address: PO Box 10, Albion Park, NSW, 2527
  • Phone: 0434 776 122
  • Email: info@c3churchshellharbour.com.au