Reaching others is about bringing them into community with Christ and one-another. Community is right at the heart of Church life! When we are connected to God and to one another that it is when we can begin to experience wholeness. We build community both locally and abroad.

“What people want to see is a people who live out the Gospel in wholesome, authentic, and healing relationships. Focusing on the example of Jesus and the apostles, a Christian Gospel for the postmodern age will invite others to become participants in the community of those whose highest loyalty is to God revealed in Christ. Participants in the inviting community will seek to draw others to Christ by embodying that Gospel in the fellowship they share.” (Stanley Grenze, Primer on Postmodernism)

For more information on outreach please contact Ps’ Jason and Tara on:

  • Address: PO Box 10, Albion Park, NSW, 2527
  • Phone: 0434 776 122
  • Email: info@c3churchshellharbour.com.au