God Answers Prayer!

God answers prayer!!

Recently I was in Shellharbour hospital with Rapid AF… the top part of my heart was beating irregularly at around 200 beats per minute, but the bottom part was trying to beat normally, at around 80. My heartbeat on the monitor was jumping all over the place. One second it would be 200, the next it would be 120, then back up around 180, then 150… changing every second. It wasn’t painful, or very life threatening, but it felt a bit weird. And it’s not good for you.

They call it “reverting” when it goes back to a normal beat. And they tried several standard drugs over the next few hours to see if they could revert it… but nothing changed. So they decided to ship me off to Wollongong hospital where they have a Cardiac specialist. And he was going to zap me with those paddles they use when people’s hearts stop. And hopefully that would kick start my heart back to a regular beat.

As you can imagine I wasn’t too thrilled about that. I asked God to get my beat back to normal before then so they wouldn’t do that. But an hour passed and it was still all over the place. It was about 10pm, I was heading off around noon the next day.

A little later I remembered the Bible story about the “Persistent Widow”… who just kept banging on the door of the judge’s house until he got out of bed and listened to her. So, I started banging on God’s door every hour or two. Instead of starting my prayer with, “Lord” or “Heavenly Father”, or anything like that, I started by saying, “Knock, Knock, Knock. It’s just me, asking once more for you to fix my heartbeat before they zap me.” All up I think I prayed that prayer about 10 times over the next 12-14 hours.

Then the ambulance came to transport me. They hooked me up to more monitors for the trip, and off we went… still jumping all over the place between 120 and 200 beats every second.

When we were about half way to Wollongong I suddenly felt different, and I looked down at the monitor to see 78, followed by 78, followed by 78… I said to the ambulance guy… “Does that mean I’ve reverted?” He looked at the monitor, checked something and said, “YES! That’s a miracle”. He really was so excited. They both were. I was kind-of thrilled too. They still admitted me to Wollongong so they could run some tests, (which were all positive outcomes). But no paddles 🙂

Let’s pray like the persistent woman before the unjust judge! (Lk. 18:1-8)

See you soon!

Paul Stevenson (C3 Church)